The quieter you become...

the more you are able to hear.

First shitpost in my blog to express my feelings. There is no technology, security or privacy related. Skip this post if you are looking for one.

When was the last time I were really selfish? It’s easy to take on the heaviness of what is happening in the world and in the lives of others, because it’s not even something I actively think about. As this is happening, I end up forgetting about myself in the process…


  • Have you ever express honest happiness in your face… when in reality, you’re feeling nothing but?
  • Have you ever looked so fervently for something… that you end up losing yourself in the process?
  • Have you ever masked yourself with indifference… only to hide the overwhelming emotions hiding beneath?
  • Have you ever felt so empty, so devoid of what makes everyone special… that you have embraced the void of your own?

Have you?