address encryption fingerprint public key
ashpex() PGP 93FE 2D2D B166 0FBD CCE0 05A8 7110 3BB3 3DD7 06A9 link


You can chat with me via XMPP:

This is my prefered instant messenger protocol. But please be aware that I don’t accept presence subscriptions from people I don’t know so you won’t see me as online (you can still write to me and I will answer!).

device fingerprint
one b0d44aeb d46216e0 05033751 216f8a0e a8c23d4a bcc3fc14 36e32f8d 8ff10a27
two f2e96985 bf09722b 8acd3082 6f36b474 1cdefc5a 8da2fdba 58d10a27 74f21d31
three 39ca0901 c68dc75b 31c6727d 31c29577 205ea622 117cca67 9e833095 45b92a51


I’m more or less active on freenode as ashpex.